Finally… a way to test and optimize in-store merchandising
Display Optimizerâ„¢
A breakthrough in measuring display effectiveness

How it works

Display Optimizerâ„¢ is used in the concept stage, before investments are made.

For example, if three concepts are developed, each concept is shown to a pre-selected target audience as renderings, online, in monadic cells. Respondents will score each concept on 10-12 attributes such as shoppability, engagement, attention and purchase interest.

Resulting quantitative scores are evaluated vs. benchmarks for each attribute. Results will identify the strongest concept and can be used diagnostically to strengthen concepts and increase the probability of success in-store.

Game-changing tool

Imagine being able to predict, and better yet, enhance the effectiveness of merchandising solutions before investing in an in-store test or full production.

How it was developed

Display Optimizerâ„¢ is a custom research tool that POP Displays offers to its customers. A normative database was created by testing about 50 inline aisles, category management solutions and free standing displays in monadic cells. Within each cell, 10-12 attributes were scored, thereby establishing robust benchmarks for each attribute.

POP Displays Display Optimizer introduction Video

Here is an overview of what we’ve learned about optimizing the effectiveness of displays.

POP Displays Display Optimizer findings Video

This is the second part of our talk about optimizing the effectiveness of displays and how to go from good to great across nine key attributes.