Social Responsibility

Over the years, we’ve been fortunate to be in a position to help make an impact in our communities. We’ve donated tools and materials to Habitat for Humanity, worked with WestHab to help those in need find employment, proactively recruited military veterans through MilitaryHire, and worked with WestCop to help low income, at-risk neighbors achieve self-sufficiency. Plus, we partner with L’Oréal to support sourcing that meets environmental, ethical, diversity and philanthropic goals.

Additionally, we’re long-time practitioners of sustainability. We design and plan our manufacturing processes to have the smallest carbon footprint possible. We recycle water, and regrind plastic, resin and metal. We use energy efficient lighting and are part of a voluntary reduction program in NYS to conserve energy. Our corrugate shredder enables us to use obsolete corrugate as packing material. And we have a robust process to capture and recycle scrap.