Our Team

Our leadership team is highly experienced with a passion for the business and commitment to success.

Mike Bell, CEO

Pop Displays USA Mike Bell CEO


Mike is a well-rounded business executive. His experience includes over 20 years’ experience in supply chain, manufacturing and logistics. He has held senior leadership positions in large CPG and logistics companies such as Clorox, KIK, Scotts, Wilpack Packaging and Jacobsen Companies, focusing on improving efficiency and cost effective solutions. He brings expertise in getting products from the point-of-origin to the point-of-consumption, with the best quality, cycle time and cost, for POP Displays as well as their customers. When he’s not working, he’s trying to find time to spend with his daughters who have schedules as busy as he does. Mike has been with POP Displays since 2017.


John Hegedus, COO

Pop Displays USA John Hegedus, COO



John started his career in finance, working to improve productivity and he supervised customer service with the goal of improving client satisfaction. He was promoted to VP Product Supply which expanded his scope to include logistics. He was again promoted by COO and is responsible for day-to-day activity across the entire supply chain. In his younger days, John was a top contender in snowmobile racing. And when there was no snow, he was a grass drag racer. Now he’s racing down the hall to keep projects on track. John has been with POP Displays since 2002.

Mony Vann, CFO

Pop Displays USA Mony Vann, CFO



Mony has over 30 years of experience in accounting and finance, primarily in manufacturing environments.

He has worked for American Fabric Company, Norelco, Crown Cork and Seal, HCP Packaging prior to joining POP Displays in 2008.

Alan D Katz, Executive Vice President Strategic Development

Alan is the newest member of the POP Executive team.  A Display “lifer” with over 30 years experience, he has held leadership positions at some of the best companies in our industry.  An early adopter of using research and critical thinking to solve customers’ in store challenges, Alan brings a unique perspective to our company. As his chosen teams – the Jets, Mets and Nets – always disappoint him, Alan turns to the golf course for his sports enjoyment!  Alan and his wife Lisa have 2 adult children…no grandchildren—yet!!

Larry Alper, SVP Sales

Pop Displays USA Larry Alper, SVP Sales



Larry has an entrepreneurial spirit. He sold his installation company to POP Displays almost 20 years ago and has stayed on since. Larry has worked across all categories in all retail channels. Larry is a high energy, always-on problem solver. He admits he brain works differently than most and that serves him well in an industry where every day is different, and every day brings new challenges. When he’s not working, Larry is dancing. Dancing. He could be alone at home with the music blaring or the first one on the dance floor at a party.

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Roseanne Alletto, SVP Innovative Solutions

Pop Displays USA Roseanne Alletto, SVP Innovative Solutions




Roseanne started her career in estimating and her background includes project management, sales and managing the development process. In a male dominated industry, she is one of the most knowledgeable people on the technical aspects of materials and processes. Two topics she openly admits she loves. She was promoted to SVP Innovative Solutions with the goal of bringing new, innovative ways of thinking to both POP Displays and their clients. Roseanne is well known in the industry. She was a founder of Women in POP, led charity fundraisers, trade panels and was recognized as one of the ‘Women in Business’ in Westchester county. When she isn’t working, she cooks to unwind. Roseanne has been with POP Displays since 2000.

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Cliff Lu, VP Design and Innovation

Pop Displays USA Cliff Lu, VP Design and Innovation



Cliff runs design, development, engineering and the model shop. He holds two master’s degrees in Human-Centered Design and Design Management. For Cliff, design solutions are not just about pretty pictures but about solving shopper and retailer problems. He looks at design and engineering through a variety of lenses, and is never quite satisfied, always pushing to make each solution even better. When Cliff is not working… oh no, he’s always working. According to Cliff, a designer’s brain never stops working. Cliff has been with POP Displays since 2003.